Show Your Keys

Snap a photo in front of your home with the Giant Evergreen Key. This key can be obtained at your local Evergreen Home Loans Branch! Visit to find the closest one to you! After snapping your photo, write a testimonial regarding your homebuying experience with Evergreen Home Loans. Lastly, fill out the form below below to enter.

Submitting a testimony? You have the opportunity to win $50! Want to win more? Submit a video testimony! Limit it to under 2 minutes, submit it through the online form, and you will have the opportunity to win $100! 

Looking for more ways to show off your new home? You can email us at [email protected] with your testimonial and photo for the opportunity to be highlighted on our Evergreen Home Loans Social Media Pages! You can also share your photo to Facebook or Instagram with your testimonial as the caption using the hashtag #ShowYourKeys (be sure to tag the Evergreen Home Loans Page on Facebook: or Instagram:

Image or video file must be under 250 mb. We can only accept .jpg and .mp4 files.

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“I don’t have a single complaint, all I have is praise.”

Ben and Heather

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“She was real, and it was refreshing to have that.”

Ben and Kelsey

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“What I try to do is set my clients up for success”

Fabian and Ma

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“Jack made it possible. I wouldn’t have any type of experience like this if it weren’t for him.”


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“I went in [to the process] completely blind so everything was a learning experience.”


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“It feels like I'm finally at home.”


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“Tara went above and beyond her job requirements”

Riley and Bailie

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“We couldn’t believe this home was ours! It sits right across from my in-laws which is so great for [our kids].”


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“We had the Security Plus Seller Guarantee from Evergreen and competed against two offers at full asking price.”

Daniel Liegey

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“We couldn’t believe we got this house. We didn’t think our offer would be accepted.”

Amanda and Josh

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“It feels like a milestone”

Jelly and Katrina

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