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Company   /    December 02 2022
Evergreen Home Loans joined the fight against hunger as sponsor of ‘Rock the Harvest’ radiothon for third year

In Washington, nearly 1 in 10 residents struggle with hunger and 1 in 6 youth in the state live in a household that faces challenges putting food on the table. That’s why, for the third year in a row, we were proud to be the title sponsor and underwriter of “Rock the Harvest” in support of Northwest Harvest.

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Home Buying   /    October 28 2022
The 2-1 seller-paid buydown: A powerful tool for homebuyers and home sellers

Increased interest rates and homes sitting on the market for longer periods of time have replaced historically low interest rates and a hot market characterized by bidding frenzies. Whether you’re currently a homebuyer, home seller, or both, you may wonder what this means for you. It could mean that now’s a great time to take advantage of a 2-1 seller-paid buydown.

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Home Buying   /    September 21 2022
More home buying and selling power with Lock-n-List

One solution to consider as interest rates fluctuate is Lock-n-List* from Evergreen Home Loans™. This innovative program provides could help homeowners sell their home faster while also allowing homebuyers to purchase a home at a competitive interest rate.

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Home Buying   /    August 31 2022
How to purchase your next home before selling your current home

Having a contingent offer could make it more challenging to purchase a home and may even influence how sellers view your purchase offer. This could make it difficult to have your offer accepted. However, Evergreen Home Loans™ offers a solution for homeowners who are ready to move but might need more time to sell.

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Mortgage Industry   /    July 20 2022
The truth about current interest rates

While there is no doubt that interest rates are higher than they have been in the past two years, it is important to look at rising interest rates from a broader, more historical point of view.

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Home Buying   /    June 07 2022
Three tips to get sellers attention

As you search for your next home, you may want to prepare your financing to ensure your offer is as competitive as possible once you find a home that checks all the boxes. Here are three proven ways to make your offer stand out to sellers.

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Home Buying   /    May 16 2022
Three benefits of locking in your interest rate

If you’re in the market to purchase a new home, the uncertainty around fluctuating rates may give you pause. But there’s no need to let the worry of rising rates keep you up at night. There are financing solutions that could help lock in you interest rate while you shop for a home, giving you the peace of mind to focus on what matters – finding your next home.

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Build and Remodel   /    April 06 2022
Tips to green your home

Spring is here, and soon the color green will be everywhere. And if that gives you a little inspiration to “go green” around your home and yard, you’re in luck.

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Build and Remodel   /    February 16 2022
Easy updates to fall in love with your home

They say “home is where the heart is” but what happens when your home could use a little TLC? Here are some easy upgrades to fall in love with your home all over again.

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Home Buying   /    January 21 2022
How to make a cash offer, without the need for all cash

Evergreen Home Loans™ offers a solution for homebuyers who require a mortgage yet need a more competitive edge to help them win over multiple offers.

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