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Home Buying   /    November 27 2023
Make the Most of Thanksgiving Leftovers Before "Throw Out Your Leftovers Day" on November 29th!

"Throw Out Your Leftovers Day" is just around the corner on November 29th. So, let's get creative and ensure those delicious dishes don't go to waste!

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Home Buying   /    November 20 2023
A First-Time Homeowner's Guide to Thanksgiving: Advice from Evergreen Home Loans

We’re here to share straightforward advice to help make your holiday gathering as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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Home Buying   /    October 16 2023
Building wealth and equity through Real Estate

Real estate has long been a playground for both savvy and novice investors aiming to build substantial wealth and equity over time.

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Home Buying   /    October 09 2023
The inventory dilemma: What it means for your next move

The question lingering in everyone's mind as they consider buying or selling a home is: Why are available homes so scarce?

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Home Buying   /    October 03 2023
The rise of Gen Z homebuyers—why and where they're investing

If you're a Gen Z-er considering your own home, our CashUp Suite of Products can make your dream a reality. Read on to understand why and where your peers are making this crucial life move.

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Home Buying   /    September 18 2023
Understanding the puzzle: key housing market trends explained

We've pulled together some of the key housing market trends to help you decode the mystery.

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Home Buying   /    September 11 2023
The great homebuying adventure: Are you packed and ready?

Preparing for a journey brings both excitement and jitters, much like the homebuying adventure. Amidst market factors like mortgage rates and home availability, remember you're at the helm!

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Home Buying   /    September 05 2023
Why waiting to buy a home might NOT be best

The dream of homeownership is deeply embedded in many people's aspirations. Yet, with changing market conditions, some potential buyers might contemplate waiting. Here are reasons why delaying might not be in your best interest:

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Home Buying   /    August 03 2023
Supercharge your homeownership journey with The Buyer Booster Program

Imagine having the power to boost your financial future by buying a home now and saving on a refinance later. We brought back our Buyer Booster program* to help make that vision a reality.

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Home Buying   /    March 07 2023
To rent or to buy a home: that’s the question

If you’re thinking about embarking on your first-time home buying journey, read on for some benefits of homeownership, a list of questions to ask yourself, and a quick overview of the home buying process.

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