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Home Buying   /    January 24 2020
Homebuying Prospects in 2020

What are some homebuying trends to look out for in 2020?

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Home Buying   /    December 19 2019
Selling Your Home: Tips for Success

When it’s time to sell your home, a little preplanning could reward you with a faster sale and potentially larger return on your investment. We share some helpful tips to increase the chances of a speedy sale.

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Home Buying   /    November 22 2019
The Benefits of VA Loans for Eligible Military Personnel

If you served in the military or the National Guard, then a VA loan guaranty may be an option you can consider.

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Home Buying   /    September 24 2019
Navigating the Costs of Home Buying

When it comes to purchasing a home, navigating the home buying process and understanding the costs involved, as well as looking five or even 10 years down the line, can be tricky. We’ve tried to make it easier with a few resources and calculators to help you as you think about your homeownership and financial goals. Here are a few resources to consider.

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Home Buying   /    June 25 2019
Tips on Organizing Your Move

You can make moving easier by planning and organizing. Before letting the move get the best of you, check out our moving tips.

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Home Buying   /    May 29 2019
Reverse Mortgage Myths: Clearing Up Common Misconceptions

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about reverse mortgages— and the truth behind these myths.

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Home Buying   /    May 20 2019
How to Get Pre-Approved for a Home Loan

You have visions of your dream home. You may have even toured a couple open houses. But before you fully jump into house hunting, consider getting pre-approved for your home loan. In doing so, you can shop with confidence and increase your buying power in a competitive market.

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Home Buying   /    April 29 2019
Determining the Right Down Payment for First-Time Homebuyers

First-time homebuyers are often bombarded with advice when they’re looking for their dream home. One of the most asked topics revolves around determining the right down payment amount. Twenty percent of the purchase price of the home used to be the gold standard, but today, the real answer depends on many factors.

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Home Buying   /    March 08 2019
5 Essential Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

A quick homebuyer guide outlining the steps to buying a house can help you avoid common mistakes first-time homebuyers make. Here are a few helpful tips to consider when you’re ready to go from renting to owning.

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Home Buying   /    August 01 2018
Homebuying 101: Closing Costs

During the homebuying process it’s easy to get lost in the search period as you look for the perfect place to call home. But even before your dream home is under contract, it’s time to shift gears and think about closing day and the costs associated with closing.

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