The Process of Buying a Home

Homeownership is just steps away.

Here are six steps that commonly occur during the home buying process.
Depending on your personal situation, your steps may vary.

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1. Chat with a loan officer.

In your first meeting, we’ll start by listening to your hopes, dreams, and goals for your new home. Then, together, we’ll figure out how much home you can afford and what type of loan works best for you.

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2. Get home loan preapproval.

Your Evergreen loan officer will also work closely with you on the loan preapproval application. If you qualify for a Security Plus Seller Guarantee®, you’ll be able to search for a home with an added bit of confidence, knowing that your offer will be taken seriously, and you can close faster too.

Preapproval is not a commitment to lend and is subject to satisfactory loan conditions, including a completed application and property appraisal. Other terms and restrictions apply. Not all products available.

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3. Use our digital mortgage tools.

We offer a suite of digital mortgage tools to help streamline and simplify your home loan. Meaning you could close faster.

Learn about our digital mortgage tools

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4. Appraise your home.

When your offer is accepted on a new home, an appraisal will be performed. An appraisal determines the actual value of the home based on its condition and market analysis. It also ensures that the selling price is fair and that the amount being borrowed for the purchase is appropriate.

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5. Finalize underwriting.

The underwriter makes certain that your financial profile matches the loan requirements. When all the paperwork is in order, an Evergreen underwriter will review the final loan documents and signal approval. With that, the transaction can proceed to closing.

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6. Close at escrow.

Finally, you’ll meet with an escrow agent who compiles all the related paperwork, including the purchase agreement. During the “signing party,” you’ll spend time applying your signature on loan papers and other documents. With signatures in place, the loan funds will be transferred, and the title will be recorded with your name on it. All that’s left is to move in. #ShowYourKeys®

Home Buying Process FAQs

Who will guide me through the home buying process?

Your Evergreen loan officer is a loan expert that can help you identify a financing solution that allows you to meet your goals. A real estate agent is housing expert that can help you find a home that fits not only your needs but also your budget. Together your loan officer and real estate agent will help you navigate the home buying process.

What loan amount will I qualify for?

A loan officer can help determine the loan amount that you’ll qualify for. However, mortgage calculators can serve as helpful tools as you navigate the home buying process. Keep in mind that calculators provide hypothetical scenarios and don’t take into account information like your credit score which can impact your interest rate.

Do I need a home inspection?

While not all home sales require a home inspection, many lending companies do. An inspection helps ensure that the property is safe and in good condition. If serious issues are discovered, typically, the buyer could ask for a discount or request the seller make the repairs.

Read our Buying a Home FAQs.

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