The Evergreen Digital Mortgage Advantage

Digital mortgage features

We believe in technology. We also believe it takes a helping (human) hand to get our customers home. So we created the best of both worlds. We invest in the most innovative digital technology to simplify the process while our high-touch loan officers guide you on your homeownership journey.

Evergreen mobile app

Buying or refinancing a home can start in the palm of your hand. With our mobile app you can:

  • Calculate your potential home loan payment
  • Apply for financing
  • Scan and upload requested documents
  • Contact your loan officer directly

Digital asset verification

Connect your financial accounts to this secure platform and share asset information digitally. We’ll verify your checking, saving, retirement, and investment statements. No scanning, faxing, or dropping off documents.

We never see passwords or have access to your accounts. We only see accounts you choose to enroll and your information is guarded with 2048-bit technology. This easy and secure tool reduces the need to send statements multiple times or ask your financial institution for copies. 


Preview your closing documents up to 3 days before signing. This gives you a chance to ask questions and ensures accuracy. In most cases, you can eSign a majority of the closing documents from anywhere using a computer or mobile device. This significantly shortens your time at escrow or signing with a notary. Some closings can even be completed in as little as 15 minutes.

Contact your local loan officer

From start-to-finish, we speed up and simplify the home loan process. The result is one of the best home financing experience in the industry. Contact your local loan officer today to learn more.

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Thank you for choosing Evergreen Home Loans, howeverwe are only licensed to lend in the following states; AZ, AK, ID, NV, CA, OR, WA, CO, and WY.

You can expect a response from us between 8am PST – 5pm PST Monday through Friday.