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Estimate monthly payments; determine the difference between renting and owning; and calculate debt consolidation, prepayment savings, early payoff, or a refinance break-even point.

Calculate monthly payments.

Principal, interest, mortgage insurance—see how much they are every month.

Calculate renting versus buying.

What makes more sense for you: renting or buying? Find out.

Calculate prepayment savings.

Find out how much sooner can you pay off your mortgage with a prepayment.


Loan terminology

What’s a loan-to-value ratio? Or mortgage insurance? Or amortization? Find out. Check out our quick reference guide to some of the most commonly used loan terms.

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Frequently asked questions

Home loan FAQs

How much home can you afford? Frequently asked questions about home loans can help you find out.

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Build and remodel FAQs

To build or remodel? Questions and answers about building your dream home are found here.

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Refinance FAQs

Time to refinance? Get answers now.

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Loan payment FAQs

What happens after you close? Good question. Get all the answers here.

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Evergreen Insights

Read what our experts blog about home financing and loan opportunities. Plus, get other helpful tips on a variety of household topics.

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Customer stories

Read homeowner success stories.

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