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It feels like a milestone

With financial help from her daughter, Jelly was able to buy her first home by working with Evergreen Loan Officer Corey Hjalseth.

Jelly and her daughter, Katrina, joined forces to buy this home. Katrina explains that she provides her mom with a little help financially and finds comfort in knowing they will always have a home to go back to. “It feels like a milestone,” Katrina said.

It’s both Katrina and Jelly’s first time going through the home loan process. “Corey was really helpful, he gave us options,” said Jelly. Katrina explained there was a level of trust they had with Corey. They felt comfortable and knew they were in good hands. “We could text him and he was always quick to get back to us.”

Jelly was motivated to buy a home because she was tired of paying rent without having the pride of ownership. She wanted to have a home for her kids. “It feels like it took forever to have something that was ours. It’s not just my home, it’s our home.”

When searching for a house, it was important to Jelly to stay in the same area where rented. Jelly wanted her youngest daughter to be close to friends and to attend the same high school.

Jelly’s next steps are to put up a privacy fence and work on the yard. The family is planning to buy new furniture to fill their house and make it feel more like home.

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