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We couldn’t believe we got this house. We didn’t think our offer would be accepted.

Amanda and Josh have been through the home loan process twice before. Neither experience left them feeling confident about the handling and care they received. With the help of Evergreen Loan Officer Corey Hjalseth, their third time getting a home loan was the charm.

Every time Amanda and Josh met with Corey, they said they would talk a little business and the rest of the time was spent talking about family and kids. “Corey is super friendly and is very easy to work with. He’s calm, which made the process very comfortable,” said Amanda.

When looking for their home, Amanda and Josh knew they needed at least three bedrooms so their kids could each have their own room.  They looked at quite a few other homes, but nothing felt exactly right. When they finally found their new home, they weren’t sure if they would qualify. “We crunched some numbers and talked with Corey and found out it was no problem. So, we put in our offer and it was smooth sailing from there.” explained Amanda.

“We couldn’t believe we got this house. We didn’t think our offer would be accepted,” said Josh. They were one of three offers that were seriously considered for their new home. Amanda’s favorite aspect is that it’s a craftsman style home. “My mom had an old craftsman house and my aunt still has a craftsman style house. It just feels homey,” she said.

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