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“Tara went above and beyond her job requirements”

A childhood home holds countless memories for both parents and children. A place of lessons learned, smiles shared, tears shed and notches in the door frame to commemorate a new year of growth. When a family choses to sell a childhood home, it can be heart-wrenching as many families hope to keep the memories alive as long as possible.

For Evergreen customers Riley and Bailie, they thought it was a funny coincidence that Riley’s parents put his childhood home on the market at the same time they began their homebuying journey. They didn’t imagine they could own such a perfect home.

With the help of Evergreen Loan Officer Tara Brown and their Realtor® Laura they found a way to purchase Riley’s childhood home. It was a way for Riley to preserve years of precious memories.

Riley and Bailie knew the homebuying process could be incredibly stressful and confusing. When they started looking for their team of professionals to help them they wanted individuals that were motivated by helping others find their dream home. They found that in Tara as they worked together for a year and a half to find the right place to call home.

“Tara went above and beyond her job requirements,” said Bailie.

In the beginning of their search, they had their eyes on a different house. The prospect of keeping memories alive in Riley’s family home was something they couldn’t turn down. They made a switch at the last second.

Fearing the change would make things more complicated, they went to Tara and she made them feel comfortable with any issues that came up along the way. “[Tara] was always asking how I was – she was far more than a loan officer,” said Bailie.

Though the house may not be new to them, Bailie and Riley are excited to make new memories in a familiar environment. The house has ideal outdoor space, more room and is their perfect home.

They always say you can’t go home again. Bailie and Riley have proven that’s not always true.

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“It feels like I'm finally at home.”


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“We couldn’t believe this home was ours! It sits right across from my in-laws which is so great for [our kids].”


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