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“We couldn’t believe this home was ours! It sits right across from my in-laws which is so great for [our kids].”

Tara Miller and her family in Omak, Washington had their eyes on a certain home for a few years. It was in the area where her in-laws live. Situated in a comfortable cul-de-sac, they loved the location. When the home went on the market she immediately reached out to her Realtor®. Right away, Tara and her family knew it was the perfect house and made an offer.

After the offer was accepted, Tara and her husband worked with a regional home loans company to secure financing. The loan officer assigned to Tara’s application was not quick to answer questions and the appraisal was 20 days past the initial application.

When appraisal came in, Tara scrambled to produce financial documents. Two days later she discovered her loan officer was out of the office and didn’t start work on her file. She turned to Mike Thornton, manager of the Evergreen Home Loans Omak for help.

Mike and his team reviewed Tara’s file on June 7, 2016 and closed the loan on-time on June 28, 2016. In Tara’s words, “Mike Thornton and Shannon O’Dell are genuinely great people. It shows in how they treat you when you walk through the door. I’m the type of person who LOVES to ask questions. They answered them all and right away.”

When Tara and her family received the keys to their new home it was a great moment. “We couldn’t believe this home was ours! It sits right across from my in-laws which is so great for [our kids]. To be honest, it feels like we live in an expensive vacation home.”

Tara’s favorite parts of her new home are the view and yard. “My new home has a smaller yard. This is wonderful because our old yard was huge. Maintaining it was hard for two working parents with two small babies and a teenager.”

When Tara thinks back on her experience she says, “I will ALWAYS suggest people go through Evergreen Home Loans. I can’t wait to recommend Evergreen to anyone seeking to purchase or refinance a home. I had such a great experience.”

Meanwhile, Tara and her family will breathe in their wonderful view. She signs and says, “We can see from one end to the other. We can see the river that cuts the town in two. We can see the Stampede Arena. We love the lights of our little small town at night. It makes it look and feel so different and best of all, relaxing.”

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“Tara went above and beyond her job requirements”

Riley and Bailie

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“We had the Security Plus Seller Guarantee from Evergreen and competed against two offers at full asking price.”

Daniel Liegey

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