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“It feels like I'm finally at home.”

Donna Wilder always rented because in her eyes homeownership was too much work. She has heard endless horror stories about the homebuying process from family and friends so she was nervous about purchasing her own home.

When her niece left for college, Donna began thinking about providing for her in the future. “As you get older, you think of these things,” said Donna. “You start thinking about what you’re going to leave behind for your loved ones.”

Donna’s rent in the Las Vegas area crept up year-over-year. She decided to start looking for a home she could call her own.

Donna’s Realtor® Kendra helped her find a dream condo. They ran into a roadblock as she attempted to get a home loan. The credit union Donna selected was unable to give her a loan.

At that point, Donna connected with Evergreen Loan Officer Penny Sinisi in the SW Las Vegas branch office. There was an immediate difference from Donna’s experience with the credit union. “[Penny and Kendra] held my hand the entire time,” said Donna. “They explained the process every step of the way so I could clearly understand everything. They were amazing.”

During the homebuying journey, Penny and Donna talked regularly via phone but didn’t meet in person until Donna’s closing appointment. “It felt like a big reunion,” said Donna. “It was so great to see Penny because she was so supportive. She made me feel really calm the entire time.”

After the signing, Donna received the keys to the door of her condo with the realization that after years of renting, she finally had somewhere to call her own. “It was pretty exciting. You walk in and it’s so empty, you say something and it echoes through,” said Donna. “It feels like I’m finally at home.” The first task after walking into her new home: a painting party with family and friends to turn Donna’s condo into a home with her personal touch.

Thinking back on her homebuying journey, Donna remarked the experience was a true partnership. Penny and Kendra followed through on all their commitments and made the process a win-win all around.

“If anybody can do it, Penny can do it,” said Donna. “She knows what she’s doing. Her calming presence made this process all the more special.”

Now that Donna has her home sweet home she can rest easier knowing that not only her world, but that of her loved ones, was changed with the keys to her new front door.

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