The deciding factors were the sharp grass and landlocked state.


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“What I try to do is set my clients up for success”

With the help of Evergreen Loan Officer Corey Hjalseth, Fabian and Ma Victoria moved into their first home in Washington State to start their family. Expecting their first child, it was important to them to live in an activity friendly area.

When they discovered they were pregnant, Fabian and Ma Victoria wondered if Las Vegas was the right place to raise their family. Fabian explained it wasn’t the gambling that initiated the decision, because the strip only takes up a small portion of the Las Vegas Valley. The deciding factors were the sharp grass and the landlocked state. “It’s more inviting,” he says. The new home sits close to a lake that his family is excited to visit this summer.

Fabian started talking with Corey about getting a home loan when he lived in Las Vegas. After hearing Corey’s professional advice, he came to the conclusion that it wasn’t the best way to do it. “What I try to do is set my clients up for success,” says Corey of his advice. Fabian found a temporary apartment to live in and started the process in Washington, “It was very effective. That was a big thing for me, being able to count on Corey and his team.”

Corey has nothing but wonderful things to say about his relationship with Fabian and Vicky. “My relationship with these clients is the relationship I hope to have with all of my clients. They really trusted me to steer them in the right direction.”

Having moved eight times in the last ten years, Fabian says he was ready to settle down. He explains that renting made it easy to get up and go. Having a mortgage gives him stability now. “With our baby on the way, we don’t plan on moving for a long time. We had to think about what we were doing next,” he says.

When Fabian and Ma Victoria finished touring the house they now call home, they knew it was where they wanted to be. They wanted a house with a backyard to play in not only with the baby, but with their two German Shepherds. All of the apartments they lived in had small yards, “We want to give them space to play.” The backyard is his favorite part of the whole house.

Fabian explains he was very fortunate to have the Realtor® they did. “We asked if we could make an offer on [the house] right away,” he says. Our Realtor gave us the right kind of attention and great communication.

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