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“She was real, and it was refreshing to have that.”

Ben and Kelsey weren’t in the housing market when they stumbled upon their Realtor®, who showed them multiple properties including their new house. “She showed us this property, and it really hit all of our checkmarks of what our dream home would have,” said Kelsey. Kelsey and Ben knew this house was in their budget and decided to pull the plug. Thanks to the help of Evergreen Loan Officer Mandi Atkins, they put their house on the market the following week, and are in their new home.

Ben and Kelsey purchased their first house to get in the market at a time when they could comfortably afford it. “We couldn’t see ourselves living there forever and having a family,” they said of their first house. Kelsey and Ben aren’t originally from Washington and didn’t know where they wanted to be yet. At first, they were shopping around to see what was on the market, until they found their new home.

When Ben first saw the five car garage, he knew it was the right house. “It’s essentially a three car garage, and the rest is his gym,” Kelsey jokes. As for Kelsey, she fell in love with the upstairs, saying it all feels like one cohesive home and not just an addition to a house. “This one feels more like us. It’s a place where we can put roots down.”

What surprised Ben the most about the process is how Mandi worked with his complicated schedule. “Mandi was great, especially working with my hours. I work graveyard a lot so being able to text back and forth and her knowing my sleep schedule helped a ton,” explained Ben. Mandi came highly recommended to Ben, which he explains is a big deal in his line of work. Kelsey admired Mandi’s honesty, “She was real, and it was refreshing to have that.”

Although Ben and Kelsey are still in the process of making their house feel like home, they’re proud of what they accomplished at such a young age. “It feels good to be in a spot where we’re able to have our own house that we want to stay in for a long time.”

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