Selling Your Home: Tips for Success

Home Buying

Putting your home on the market is a big deal. Maybe you’re moving up to support a growing family or moving out for a new promotion. Whatever the reason, it’s a sign of a major life event. The faster your home sells, the quicker you can move on to the next exciting stage of your life.

When it’s time to sell your home, a little preplanning could reward you with a faster sale and potentially larger return on your investment. Below, we share some helpful tips to increase the chances of a speedy sale.

Focus on the Presentation

 It’s important to make your home look presentable to potential buyers, even if you’re still living there. This could involve decluttering all rooms, minimizing the number of items in your home or performing a deep clean.

Removing family photos and personalized decorations is another thing to keep in mind. Potential buyers visiting your home don’t want to feel like they’re intruding on your personal space. Taking the past out of the equation lets them focus on their family’s future.  

Don’t forget to consider beautifying the exterior, too. That doesn’t mean you need to build a new deck, but you do want to show your home is cared for. Some fresh sod, clean gutters or a mended fence go a long way. Potential buyers don’t want to arrive and immediately consider the number of weekends it will take to fix up the property’s exterior.

Let the Pro’s Work Their Magic

 Working together with a real estate agent could help you generate interest from more buyers. After all, they’re the experts and know what works. An agent can help you successfully stage your home and acquire quality photos for the listing. When potential homebuyers browse real estate listings, quality photos of a well-staged home may attract their attention and increase the likelihood they’ll visit an open house.

Professional, experienced and respected relationships in the real estate arena are important to have on your team.

Don’t Forget to Update

 Your home might need some upgrades or repairs. It’s okay if you don’t address everything down to a paint scratch on a wall. The future buyer can purchase your home keeping its potential in mind. The goal is to create an appealing first impression that can help them fall in love and envision the home’s possibilities.

Selling a home is an emotional process – memories resurface and many exciting “firsts” await you. A fast sell could move you toward your next life goal. The home loan experts at Evergreen Home Loans are here to help you achieve success in every phase of the homeownership journey.

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