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Helping people home is our passion at Evergreen Home Loans™, and we understand that home is much more than a simple word. Defined as "the place (such as a house or apartment) where a person lives," it’s deeper than that.1

Home is a space where people not only live but where they work hard to build their lives. Home is a space where family and friends create special memories together, celebrating the little and big things, and provide support to each other through the twists and turns of life. And, among other things, home is a space where there can be an abundance of love, comfort, security, and stability.

The importance of home inspired us to launch our #ShowYourHome sweepstakes2. We ask people to enter by submitting a favorite photo of their home (inside or outside) and telling us why it’s so special to them. In turn, they could win a $5,000 cash prize.

Since launching the sweepstakes, we’ve received many touching entries that highlight why we dedicate ourselves to supporting people in the pursuit of their homeownership dreams, and we want to spread the joy by sharing some of them with you.

“Home” is all my sacrifices and hard work paying off so that my child can grow up in a loving, beautiful house. He is what makes our house “home,” and now he has the backyard I only could’ve dreamt he’d have.

  • Kristina King

My favorite place in my home is the balcony. Looking at the greenery and little stream running behind our apartment can always bring a sense of calm even when everything else is hectic.

  • Joelle Steichen

A home means to me that my dogs have a safe, loving place to live out their lives in what they think is luxury.

  • Travis Hayworth

The garden is our happy place at home. We have watched many things grow there year after year, including our children. It brings us such joy to put in the effort and be rewarded beyond measure.

  • Heather Tyson

Our home has provided us a safe and secure neighborhood to raise our children in. It has also been a comfortable and quiet place to confidently bring home a new baby. We are so blessed to live among people who look out for one another.

  • Kaitlin Dibble

Many things contribute to the heartfelt meaning of home, and we’d love to hear what makes your home special. Let us know by entering our #ShowYourHome sweepstakes here. You can also follow our Facebook Page to see more submissions.


  1. Source: 2. No purchase is necessary to enter, and winners will be chosen at random. Only one entry per household. Full sweepstakes rules available here.
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