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We’d like to introduce you to RON. No, RON isn’t a new Evergreen Home Loans™ associate. RON is short for Remote Online Notarization and it’s the process by which a signer appears before a Notary using a video service over the internet. This is a way for the signer and Notary to be present at the same time without physically being in the same place.

The Notary will verify the signer’s identity and apply a digital signature and notary seal to the applicable documents. Traditionally, the signer would meet in-person with the Notary to verify their identity, even if they’re eSigning some of their documents.  

For many years, states required the signer to appear personally in front of the Notary. This helped prevent fraud and protect any interested party in the transaction. With the advent of technology, some states allowed RON as an option, enabling signers to complete their documents from anywhere. Now, with shelter-in-place orders and social distancing, conducting business remotely is more important than ever. Many states have enacted temporary authorization for RON under special emergency rules.

If you live in a state that allows RON, this could be used during your home loan. At closing, instead of meeting with the Notary to sign the documents that require notarization, you could participate in a video exchange. Pair that with our eClose program and you have a streamlined and remote closing!

Though many states are using RON either as a full-time solution or a temporary one, there are a few states like California that haven’t adopted RON yet. If you live in a state that doesn’t allow RON, you can still enjoy the benefits of an eClose.

With our eClose program you can preview your closing documents up to 3 days before signing. Giving you a chance to ask questions and ensure accuracy. And in most cases, you can eSign a majority of the closing documents from an internet-enable device. The difference is you would meet the Notary in-person to finish signing your notarized documents.

Interested in remote closing options for your home loan? Contact a loan officer near you to learn more.

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