Homes are going to the dogs (and cats)!

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Let’s be honest—pets are family. No matter what kind of pet person you are, your furry, feathered, finned or scaly critters share your love and your home.  Here are 5 tips for customizing your home and taking your pet-friendly lifestyle to the next level:


  • Pawsome paints and more
    • Do the walls complement your dog’s fur? Will the cat’s next hairball wash off the sofa? Whether buying, remodeling, or simply upgrading your home, check for materials that are durable and easy to clean. This can help minimize the upkeep related to having pets in the home. Coordinating your décor to match your pet? That’s Instagram gold.
  • Stylish Staples
    • Food and water bowls, litter boxes and bedding are pet essentials and they don’t have to be boring. Food stations can be built into kitchen islands or stand-alone holders that match your décor. For pet accessories, check out designer beds or litter boxes that can be hidden in beautiful wood covers. Some even function as side tables!
  • A room of their own
    • Whether it’s a whole room or a section of your laundry or mudroom, giving your pets their own space can be very practical. Complete the space with beds, toys, or food dishes so that your pet has a safe space to escape when necessary. Like when your holiday company gets a little too jolly.
  • Getting Techie
    • Welcome your pets to the tech life with sleek gadgets that are also fully automated. Consider replacing the plastic flap on your back door with an automatic sliding door that opens in response to a sensor on your pet’s collar. More ways to tech up your pet life include “smart” feeders and waterers; Wi-Fi monitors; and electronic toys.
  • Backyard upgrades
    • We love our pets, but our landscaping may not. Protect plants by stationing them in raised beds or create a doggie sandbox to keep your pup from digging holes. For cats, try a “catio”—a screened-in enclosure that lets your feline enjoy their wild side while protecting them and your yard. Don’t forget to check out ASPCA for a list of poisonous plants to keep your pets safe.

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