Homeownership Goals for the New Year

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We’re officially in the much awaited New Year. If resolutions are your thing, a list of goals may currently hang front and center on your fridge. Wherever it’s located, is there anything homeownership-focused to check off? Here are five ideas to consider.


Clutter, clutter, clutter. That word itself sparks feelings of claustrophobia for some. Maybe your reaction isn’t as intense. Whatever it is, if you’re living in a cluttered space, now’s a great time to clean up and get organized. And that doesn’t need to be an overwhelming process.

Starting small is a good approach. Think baby steps. You can do something simple like designating time on your calendar. Then, when that time comes, tackle one area before moving onto the next. Before you know it, you could be living in a state of Zen.

Start a home repair emergency fund

Owning a home is an exciting journey however homeownership can come with unknowns. That’s why having a home repair emergency fund is a smart move. Review your budget and identify what savings goals make sense for your personal situation.

Complete home improvement projects

Do you have dreams for your home? Start with an action plan and begin by writing everything down. Seeing it on paper might provide some motivation. Next, assign timeframes to your projects. Can some be completed in one month or less? Some in two months or less? Create a realistic timeline for the year. 

Make your home more energy-efficient

How energy-efficient is your home? It's okay if you're unsure. Conducting an efficiency evaluation can help identify areas for improvement. From small-scale projects like upgrading outdated appliances to large-scale projects like installing solar heating, the possibility for adjustments may surprise you. They may have cost-savings benefits, too. ENERGY STAR offers some helpful information on their website.

Prepare for a natural disaster

It’s always a good idea to be prepared for a natural disaster. Do your research and identify the potential disasters that are specific to the area you live in. Once you know those, review the different precautions to take and put together a kit with recommended supplies.

 These are just a few homeownership goals to consider for the New Year. If you have any questions about home financing options, contact one of our home loan experts today.

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