Kara is proud to be a part of the team at Evergreen Home Loans™, your neighborhood lender for 35 years. Whether you’re looking to purchase or refinance a home, she’s committed to helping you reach your goals.

Kara’s desire to build relationships with families and to serve those around her brings her great joy as a loan officer. And as a dedicated foster-adoptive parent in the community, Kara brings her values of integrity and communication to each family and individual she serves.

When Kara isn’t working, she loves a peaceful run on the trails with her two golden retrievers and playing at the lake with her husband and their noisy six children. 

My unique value proposition

Your Trusted Mortgage Partner to build Wealth Through Homeownership.

As a dedicated Mortgage Loan Officer with a passion for helping people create wealth for generations to come, I bring a unique perspective to the table. My background in foster care and role as an adoptive mother helps me understand the value of stability and the importance of having a place to call home.

I am committed to:

  1. Advocation for your specific needs
  2. Educating & empowering YOU

So YOU can build a foundation for a secure and prosperous future. Let's turn your homeownership dreams into a reality, paving the way for long-term wealth and financial success

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