Staying Connected in a Time of Crisis

Mortgage Industry

We’re proud of our IT Department and associates for adapting quickly in this changing market. We’re especially proud to have the tools and resources to help our customers, business partners, and associates from anywhere. When it’s important to conduct business remotely, we have the tools to make it happen and the people to guide you. We're available and here to help.



Mortgage Industry   /    July 07 2017
The Highest Offer Isn’t Always the Best: Gaining a Competitive Advantage in a Demanding Real Estate Market

“I lost track of how many offers this couple submitted. It was around 11,” said Nick Wilson, a loan officer in the Evergreen Bellevue branch office.

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Mortgage Industry   /    April 05 2017
Escrow to Equity: Home Terms You Should Know

In the process of purchasing a home, and even when you own a home, you’ll hear lots of terms.

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