Halloween Home Safety Tips

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Halloween is an exciting time of year, especially for homeowners who have the opportunity to decorate their homes and host festive gatherings. Now that you’ve carved your pumpkins and assembled your costumes, it’s time to ensure your home is set up for Halloween safety.  With little goblins running around, you’ll want to make certain your home is ready for those trick-or-treaters and party guests.

A few tips to assist you in having a safe and happy Halloween:

  • Light your walkways. Safely light the walk way and stairs up to your front door. Consider using LED lights in luminary bags to create an attractive and safe walkway solution.
  • Avoid open flames. Candles, especial outside with wind and foliage, can be a hazardous.
  • Clean up your yard and front porch. Ensure there are no potted plants, lawn equipment or toys trick-or-treaters could trip on. Also be sure to secure the railings leading up to your entrance. Place decorations in safe, out of the way places.
  • Keep your pets inside. For the safety of your pets and guests visiting your home, make certain your furry friends are inside and cannot easily run out the door when you welcome visitors.
  • Check your homeowner’s insurance. Accidents can happen. Check to see what your coverage includes. Your homeowner’s insurance company can provide you with additional advice.
  • Be cautious when opening the door. Halloween is a popular time for mischief Ensure your home is safe by carefully observing who is at your door and setting alarm systems if you’re going out.

By preparing yourself and your home, you are sure to have a spookily successful Halloween this year!

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