Fall Home Care Checklist

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The leaves are turning and fall festivities are in full swing.  It is an easy time to forget about important home maintenance. Be sure to tackle the following chores before the days get shorter and the busy holiday season begins.

  • Clean and store your lawn furniture, tools and hoses.
  • Winterize any gas-powered lawn equipment and sprinkler systems.
  • Clear your gutters and downspouts to ensure leaves do not build up.
  • Make sure there are no unstable trees or large shrubs which could fall in inclement, winter weather.
  • Ensure your heating system is in good, working order. Clean or replace dirty filters. If your home has gas heat, consider having your system inspected. Schedule a chimney cleaning if need be.
  • Change the direction of rotation on your ceiling fans to a clockwise direction to help with home heating.
  • Replace caulk around windows and consider applying weather stripping.
  • Inspect your roof for missing shingles and your siding for cracks and damage.
  • Though home maintenance may not seem as fun as corn mazes and bobbing for apples, being vigilant about upkeep can help safeguard you and your home against unexpected repairs and expenses. Plus, making sure you complete these tasks ahead of time will assist you in having a safe, warm and enjoyable fall season.
Mortgage Industry   /    March 23 2021
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