Escrow to Equity: Home Terms You Should Know

Mortgage Industry

In the process of purchasing a home, and even when you own a home, you’ll hear lots of terms. From amortization to equity and even easements and weather stripping, our team has compiled many of the common home loan and home repair terms you’re likely to run into.

Whether you purchased your home 5 months ago or 15 years ago, take a look at our Inspirations Newsletter to assist as you make your way through the complex and lingo-infused process of shopping for and purchasing a home.

Mortgage Industry   /    March 23 2021
Tips to Successfully Manage Remote Employees

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home transitioned overnight from a sought after job perk to a daily reality for many people across the country. While remote work may mean a desirable break from gas-guzzling commutes and an office dress code, it presents unique challenges for employees as well as their employers.

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Mortgage Industry   /    April 06 2020
Staying Connected in a Time of Crisis

We’re proud of our IT Department and associates for adapting quickly in this changing market.

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