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“I don’t have a single complaint, all I have is praise.”

Ben and Heather’s move out date for the house they were selling was quickly approaching. Having looked at over 30 houses and with a baby due in April, they were uncertain if they were going to find a house on time. When their Realtor® informed them of a house that had just popped up on the market, they knew they had to act fast. With the help of Evergreen Loan Officer Mandi Atkins, they were able to close their loan in just 21 days.

Ben and Heather’s new house has the space they need for their growing family. “With two boys, the most important thing for me is knowing they are going to want to play,” said Ben. They love the abundant space they have both inside and outside for their kids to play. Their new house has a front and back yard and sits in a cul-de-sac full of other families. “There are a ton of families who just sit in the driveways while the kids are in the street playing.”

Heather and Ben knew this house checked all the boxes of what they wanted, but when Ben saw the look on his wife’s face when they walked inside for the first time, he knew it was the one. The sale came down to Ben and Heather, and one other bidder. “My wife wrote the owners a letter and that made the difference.” Ben said that is what set them apart from the other buyers and is what ultimately got them the house.

Ben said he was pleasantly surprised how easy the process was for him and Heather. Ben explained that Mandi kept them informed the entire time and worked hand in hand with their Realtor. “I don’t have a single complaint, all I have is praise.”

Their next steps are putting fun things into the house and setting up the kids play room and the living room. They are excited to add their personal touches. Ben said he’s happy they are able to provide stability for their kids. “It means my kids have a place to grow up and a neighborhood that’s familiar.”

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