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When I first started my career in real estate, I was on the other side of the table from where I am now. Before Evergreen Home Loans™, I started as a real estate agent.  It was a pleasure to help my clients find the home of their dreams. Handing them the keys to their new home got me hooked on a career in the real estate industry.

I quickly saw there were opportunities to improve the homebuying process. Too often my clients faced barriers preventing them from closing as promised. It would often take the form of a lender who couldn’t close on time or would change the terms of the transaction from what was originally promised.  This caused them additional time, money, and stress that could have been avoided. It convinced me to improve the process so it would work on the side of homebuyers.

I started Evergreen Home Loans in 1987 with the mission that we would do our best to always close on time and as promised. Closing on time gives a homebuyer a new start and a new opportunity on the day they expect it. Closing as promised means homebuyers know there won’t be unexpected delays or surprises.

This pledge has been a mission for Evergreen for over 30 years. We now we have the stats to show how serious we are.

A survey of customers revealed that 92 percent say we closed on time or earlier than promised.

Helping homebuyers with what is likely the biggest purchase of their life is always rewarding.  Knowing that more than 90 percent of the time we exceed expectations makes it even sweeter.

How can we help you achieve your dream and make homeownership a reality? We’d love the opportunity to change your world.

Based on an independent third party survey of Evergreen closed loan customers between July 1, 2017 and February 28, 2018.

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