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Power your bid past the competition with an all-cash offer.


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Cash offers get the seller’s attention.

Sellers love cash offers for the simplicity and speed they bring to the process. CashUp by Evergreen raises the value of your offer to the same value as other cash offers—or even higher.

We’re so confident CashUp will save you money on the price of the home, we’re waiving our admin fee (the home must be under purchase and sale contract by March 31, 2023).

Here's how it works.

Get preapproved as a cash buyer.

Make a cash offer on a home with no financing or appraisal contingency.

With offer acceptance, Evergreen Home Loans™ buys the home on your behalf.

Compete with confidence with the CashUp difference.

Step above the pack with a stronger offer

CashUp offers are so strong and attractive that sellers may value and accept them over other cash offers or even offers that go above the asking price.

Get faster service with local experts

Unlike sponsors of other cash offer programs, we’re a direct lender. That means we don’t outsource the financing. You get direct services and fast answers from a local loan officer and a real estate agent who know your market.

Worry less; celebrate more

We do the heavy lifting up front to put you in the strongest possible position to buy. With CashUp by Evergreen, you and your real estate agent can put an offer on the home you love with less worry about the competition.

Compare the difference between a traditional home loan and CashUp by Evergreen.

  Traditional home loan CashUp by Evergreen
Work with a real estate agent.
Obtain a mortgage loan.
Submit a Cash Offer.
Average closing time 30+ days 10 days

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do sellers prefer cash offers?

Home sellers sometimes prefer cash offers because there are fewer opportunities for the financing to fall through. Additionally, cash offers can often close quickly since they’re not waiting for financing approval.

Can I use the CashUp by Evergreen program if I need a mortgage?

Yes! That’s what this program is all about—helping everyday homebuyers who require a mortgage yet need a more competitive offer to help them win over multiple offers—and possibly multiple cash offers.

I’m interested, but for now would just like more information. Who do I contact?

Any of our local loan officers will be happy to answer questions! Feel free to call or email for more information. Or you can use our contact form, and a loan officer will be in touch with you soon.

Need a cash offer with no contingencies?

Use our Fast as Cash program. Get the strength of a cash offer with no financing or appraisal contingencies. Plus, close fast—in as little as 10 days! Available in Washington and Nevada only. Other terms apply.


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