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Evergreen Testimonials

We found a house in late July of 2023 and submitted an offer. Our offer was well over the asking price and still was the lowest offer the sellers received. Since we had the CashUp loan, the sellers would be funded within 30 days and the seller accepted our offer! We are now in our new home and if not for Evergreen Loans and the CashUp program, I honestly believe we would still be looking. This has been a life changer!

Debi and Bill Johnston, customers

We searched for years but were outbid on our first offer. Evergreen Home Loans™ CashUp program saved us. We found our dream home and made a strong cash offer. We’re grateful for Evergreen and our supportive team!

Jessie Carpenter, customer

As buyers in a sellers' market, I find it remarkable that our offer was accepted! The CashUp program was an integral part of that very expeditious sequence of events.

Ed and Kathy Van Wesep, customers

CashUp saved my customer over $17,000! The customer was approved for CashUp and made the two-week contract purchase date.

Justin Roffe, sales manager at Evergreen Home Loans™

Cash is king, and CashUp helped [my customers] stand out even with one offer being $30,000 higher.

Amy Trim, sales manager at Evergreen Home Loans™

We were NOT the highest offer—it was $50,000 higher. We won and closed in 10 business days, because of CashUp.

Jessica Neice, customer

CashUp leveled the playing field for us. Without CashUp, we likely would not be in the home we are in today.

Stephanie Feldsted, customer

Liesl [our loan officer] approached us with the CashUp Program which leveled the playing field for us. Sellers were able to view us as equals and we were able to be competitive on multiple offers, eventually winning a home pre-review date. Without this program, we likely would not be in the home we are in today.

Stephanie Feldsted, customer

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Q. What problem were you having before you discovered our product?

A. We were trying to buy the home of our dreams and needed to make a non-contingent offer. We were unable to do this because we first had to sell our current home. Our real estate agents, Tony Binion and Eric Emery recommended a program from Evergreen Loans where we could take out a bridge loan, until the sale of our home. At the point of our sale, we would refinance at a lower interest rate. 


Q. What feelings did you experience as you tried to solve the problem?

A. We were both excited and nervous. Excited about the possibility of getting the house of our dreams. And nervous that our home wouldn’t sell quickly enough, and that we would have a variety of mortgages to pay at high interest rates. 


Q. What was different about our product?

A. We were able to take out two different loans and then refinance as soon as our house sold. Siarra helped us understand the process with patience and grace. She quickly helped us move through the process to prevent costly payments. 


Q. Take us to the moment when you realized our product was working to help solve your problem?

A. When our house sold quickly for a price higher than we expected. Siarra always kept us in the loop and answered our questions whenever we needed her to. 


Q. Tell us what life looks like now that your problem is solved or being solved?

A. We are in our dream home at a desired monthly payment that we can afford. This would not have been possible without the help of Evergreen Loans, Siarra, and our realtors, Tony, and Eric. Along the way, we decided to trust the experts who surrounded us in whatever expertise they brought to the table. Each advocated for us to be in our dream home. We are thankful!

- Jon and Tammy Rismiller, customers


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Homebuyer feedback

Agent feedback

“After getting outbid on many properties, my clients and I submitted our first CashUp offer and it got accepted the next day.”

Nicole Brown

Keller Williams Greater 360, Poulsbo, WA

“My clients and I closed with CashUp in 10 working days—two days early from the contract because it was that easy.”

Nicole Brown

Keller Williams Greater 360, Poulsbo, WA

“We took advantage of the Evergreen CashUp. We didn’t have the highest offer, but least contingencies. They took our offer!”

Larry Lee Fresquez

Keller Williams Realty, Seattle, WA

Three loans, three underwriters, two appraisers, two home inspections, one home bought before the other one sold, countless emails and phone calls etc., and let's not forget the clients and realtors!! Michael and Mandy should be inducted into the Evergreen Home Loans "Hall of Fame"!!

Marc Roseman

Coldwell Banker BAIN, Bellevue, WA

Without Evergreen's StepUp program my clients would have been stuck and unable to progress with their goals to relocate. As an agent, I am thrilled to have this program as an option for my clients.

Cindy Kramer

Keller Williams Realty, Coeur d'Alene/Sandpoint, ID

The team at Evergreen went above and beyond to help get this deal across the finish line. I am super impressed with the StepUp program and with the Evergreen Team.

Cindy Kramer

Keller Williams Realty, Coeur d'Alene/Sandpoint, ID

Michael and Mandy navigated through a maelstrom of twists and turns to make what I thought would be impossible, possible. … one home bought before the other one sold … .

Marc Roseman, Coldwell Banker BAIN, Bellevue, WA