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Locked-In Interest Rate for Homes Locked-In Interest Rate for Homes


Make your home listing stand out
with a locked-in interest rate.

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Here’s how it works.

Lock Rate Attached to Property
Step 1

Once you list your current home for sale, Evergreen will lock a rate that’s attached to the property.

Sell Home at Locked Rate
Step 2

The future buyer has the opportunity to purchase your current home with a loan from Evergreen at the locked rate that’s available for it.

Work with Evergreen for Financing for your Home
Step 3

You can choose to work with Evergreen to obtain financing for your next home.

Sell Your Home with Lock-n-List Program Sell Your Home with Lock-n-List Program

A win-win for you and prospective buyers.

Our Lock-n-List program is an innovative solution for homeowners who are looking to sell their current home. It could make your home listing more attractive to buyers and may even make purchasing the home more affordable for some, particularly if interest rates are rising.

Frequently asked questions

Is the home seller required to secure financing through Evergreen for their next home purchase?

No, securing financing through Evergreen for their next home purchase is not a requirement for the seller.

How long will the rate be locked?

The rate that could get applied to the future buyer’s loan will be locked for a minimum of 30 days, with the option to extend the rate lock if needed.

Evergreen's Lock-n-List program is effective 01/01/2023 and is subject to change. Terms, restrictions and fees apply. For purchase loans only. Financing is based on conforming loan limits. Not all applicants will qualify. Program valid in select locations. Ask for details.

Begin your next home buying journey with a stand-out home listing

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