Home Loan FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions that can help you understand what to expect after your loan closes. Note: Click the question to display the answer below.

When will I receive a monthly statement or payment coupons?

Evergreen Moneysource Mortgage Company (doing business as Evergreen Home Loans) will mail a welcome letter to you shortly after your loan closes instructing you on the first payment process. You will receive a monthly billing statement for any payment that is due to Evergreen Home Loans until your loan is transferred to a new servicer. Subsequently, you’ll be notified in writing when your loan is transferred to a new servicer. Your new servicer will provide you with all of your future monthly statements. In some cases, Evergreen may be your servicer. If so, you will receive a letter informing you that the servicing of your loan will be transferred to our regional servicing center. You should also receive a monthly billing statement at least a week before your next payment is due.

I received a notice saying my loan was transferred to a new company. Is Evergreen still my lender and who should I call if I have questions regarding my account?

Evergreen does transfer loans to various other banks/investors. Even though your loan may be transferred, Evergreen would like to remain your lender for life. If you have questions, call our First Payment Team at 1-877-242-5421.

I received a monthly statement from my new servicer but I already made a payment to Evergreen. What should I do?
  • Payments received by Evergreen are reviewed on a daily basis to make sure if they are actually due or if they should be made to the new servicer.
  • Payments that are due to the new servicer, but received by Evergreen, are sent via overnight mail to the new servicer for immediate posting.
  • Payments received by Evergreen prior to the due date will not be counted as late regardless of when your new servicer receives them.
I would like my payment to be taken out of my bank account each month automatically; can I set up auto-payments for my loans?

Most of the loan servicers Evergreen works with have the capability to set up auto pay. Once you receive your first billing statement from the new servicer, it should include a customer service contact number for you to call in to order to set up auto-pay. Should you have any difficulties, please call our First Payment Team at 1-877-242-5421.

The amount due on my monthly mortgage statement is different from what I thought it was going to be. Who should I call?

Please call our First payment Team at 1-877-242-5421.

I’ve received a tax or insurance bill after closing but I thought my monthly mortgage payment included these amounts. What does this mean and do I have to pay it?

Some counties will send you a tax statement or bill even though your loan payment includes impounds. Review your monthly mortgage statement to make sure your loan payment includes reserves for taxes and insurance. If it does, then your servicer will be paying the amounts due. You can call the customer service number on your monthly statement to verify that these payments will be going out.

I received a new bill for taxes or homeowner’s insurance and the amount due for the renewal has gone up or down. Will this change my monthly payment?

Please see the section on Inquiries and Disputes to the Federal Trade Commission consumer information on Mortgage Servicing by clicking here (be sure to include hyper link). Using the Qualified Written Request format provided, write a letter to your loan servicer and ask them to perform written analysis of your escrow account and to notify you of any surplus/shortage if applicable.