Winter Lighting Tips

Hand on light bulb

The winter months have their advantages, but the short days can take a toll on your energy level. To overcome the darkness, find ways to compensate for the loss of sunlight. Here are a few lighting tips to brighten up your home:

  1. Take advantage of the natural lighting that is available by opening your window shades or curtains. This not only lets precious sunrays inside your home, it can help lower your heating bills too. Additionally, if you have heavyweight drapes, you can swap them for something transparent, so the light can shine through the fabric.

  3. Benefit from the light already inside your home, add wall mirrors to strategic places. For instance, place a couple directly across from your natural light source and another from a table lamp, so the light can be reflected by the mirrors.

  5. Light bounces off light colors and is absorbed by dark colors. So make sure your bedroom’s linens are a bright white or a muted tone. Additionally, change up your drapes, tablecloth and sofa cover (if it is removable). Also, bring in fun accent pillows for a pop of color.

Don’t let the darkness from winter take over, use these easy steps to brighten up your home during the shorter days of winter. For more tips, go to

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