Tips For Arranging Your New Space

In The Home Arrange Your Space

photo credit: The Shopping Sherpa via photopin cc

You’re moved in, rested and excited about setting up your amazing new home. Here are a few ideas to consider when arranging your space.

If you like to plan before acting, grab a large sheet of paper and sketch room layout options. If you want help, enlist a design savvy friend in exchange for dinner or consult with a professional designer.

Your arrangement should mirror the way foot traffic flows in your house, not hinder it. So think about the way you’d like to move around the house, keeping this path free of furniture.

Begin with your larger pieces of furniture and arrange them according to function. Facing furniture creates a conversational space, a chair in a corner with a bookshelf lends itself to a cozy reading nook, and seating turned toward your television or stereo makes for a fun media room.

Once you have this set, add in your accents. Use a powerful piece of artwork, statement piece of furniture or a collection of trinkets to make the space completely “you.”

Usually the best way to create a space to fit your lifestyle is trying out an arrangement for a week or so and making adjustments as you go. You’re in your new home now so you can take time creating the perfect layout.

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