Protecting your identity in light of recent data concerns


Recent news of the Equifax data breach has led to many concerns about protecting ones identity. At Evergreen, we want to help you stay informed and provide you with information so that you can take the necessary steps to protect your personal information and accounts.

There are many credit monitoring services available that vary in options and cost. The information we’re providing outlines services that are free or have a nominal cost.

  1. Credit Monitoring Service Provided by Equifax:  Equifax is offering a free year of credit monitoring to all Americans. This will alert you to any potential fraudulent uses of your credit.
  2. Fraud Alerts:  A Fraud Alert is an option where companies are required to reach out to you directly if anyone (including you) applies for credit to verify your identity before opening an account.  You can renew them as many times as you want without being charged (they are free).  You’ll want to have the fraud alert added for all three (3) credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian).
  3. Credit Freeze:  A credit freeze is where you set up a pin number with the credit agencies. You call in with your pin number to “thaw” your credit either temporarily or permanently when applying for new credit. This does not protect you from fraud on your existing credit and bank accounts, just from people applying for new credit in your name.

The recent Equifax breach has allowed us to be more vigilant and become more informed. We encourage you to review the options and choose the path that best suits your needs. For more information visit or contact your local Evergreen branch.

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