Preparing a Pet for a New Home

PrepareYourPet_BlogYour dog is part of your family. So naturally you want to make sure little “Fido” feels as comfortable with his new surroundings as you do. Here are some helpful hints to make the transition a smooth one for you and your furry family member:

  • Prepare for the move a few weeks before you actually move.
  • While packing, try to maintain your pet’s routine.
  • When you move into your new home, play with your dog and reassure him that everything is okay.
  • Give your dog a new treat or new toy that associates the new home with something wonderful.
  • Put your pet’s belongings out right away – his bed, crate, toys, water and food bowls, etc.
  • Let the dog explore all the new rooms of the house and make sure everything is secure.
  • Finally make sure you have new ID tags to reflect your new home address.

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