Poulsbo Branch Grand Opening Event and Shining Star Chemaine Rauche

Poulsbo Open House EventOn Thursday, May 22nd, the Poulsbo branch (NMLS 1138139) and branch manager, Kym Mason (NMLS 304390) hosted a grand opening event in style. The open house was attended by many local residents and business partners as well as Evergreen President Don Burton who ceremoniously cut the ribbon to open the Poulsbo branch, the Mayor of Poulsbo, Becky Erickson, EVP of Loan Production David Floan and Regional Manager Todd Miles.

“Although this was the grand opening celebration, the Poulsbo branch has actually been open for 5 months and in fact, was recently ranked the #1 Lender*, along with the Silverdale branch, in Kitsap County.” remarked Todd Miles. “We’re very proud of their incredible hard work and success in such a short time.”

Guests enjoyed a beautiful assortment of tea sandwiches, fresh seasonal fruit, assorted cheeses and fresh vegetables along with a variety of beverages. Two lucky guests were the winners of a raffle and received a beautiful gift basket. The event was a smashing success thanks to the hard work of the Poulsbo branch and especially Administrative Assistant Chemaine Rauch. Her efforts were rewarded by receiving the very first “Shining Star” Award at the Poulsbo branch. Chemaine previously worked as a banquet manager for over 23 years so planning an event was right up her alley.

“Chemaine’s hard work on the preparations for our grand opening celebration, not just in planning the event but also in preparing our invitations so far in advance was instrumental in the success of our event.” said Kym Mason, Evergreen branch manager. “Congratulations to Chemaine for receiving our very first “Shining Star” award at the Poulsbo branch.”

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