A Loan Made for Your Rural Living Dream

Ed Bevacqua

Is your dream home located in a rural community? Does it include a hobby farm and acreage?

These are important questions to ask as you think about home financing for rural properties. Often, financing for rural properties can become complicated. When the property includes outbuildings, barns, pastureland and tillable acreage, you need to have a trusted lender that can navigate the financing details and deliver solutions.

Evergreen Home Loans is pleased to offer the Agri-Access RuraLiving® program to meet the needs of rural homebuyers.

The RuaLiving program is unique because it is perfectly designed to provide financing for individuals that are looking to purchase a home that is in a rural setting and might be used for hobby farming. The RuraLiving program is best for homebuyers looking for homes with the following details:

  • Rural homes (no agriculture income) with loans up to $417,000
  • Hobby farms ($500+ of annual agricultural income) with loans up to $2,000,000
  • Purchase, refinance and cash-out refinance
  • 30- or 15-year fixed rate loans
  • Rural residence up to 5 acres
  • Hobby farms with a minimum 5 acres, up to 160 acres

So, if you can already see your perfect farm or rural residence in your dreams, we encourage you to locate a local Evergreen Home Loans branch office for more information.

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