Give house guests the five-star treatment

If you’re having friends or family stay with you over the holidays or any time of year, here are a few ideas to make them feel right at home. Before your guests arrive, fill a vase with fresh flowers and place scented candles in their room to greet them. Make sure you provide an alarm clock on the bedside table so they can wake on time for any activities they have planned. If they don’t have specific plans, leave a list of local sights, great restaurants and shops they might be interested in visiting.

Your guests will feel welcome and comfortable if you make sure there’s space in the closet to hang their clothes. If there’s just not enough closet space, provide a coat rack or over-the-door hooks so they’re not living out of their suitcases. A basket of essentials and niceties, such as travel-size toiletries, candy and snacks, water bottles, a small bottle of pain reliever and upset-stomach medicine will be much appreciated in case they’ve forgotten anything.

In today’s world, your guests will need access to outlets to recharge phones, tablets and other devices. Make sure there’s an area where they can set up a charging station. And speaking of recharging, show your guests where the coffee pot and coffee fixings are in case they plan on getting up before you.

It’s all these little things that will make your guests feel right at home.

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