Evergreen Home Loans Yakima Branch Leads Community Charge to Help Animals in Need

The holiday season brings out the best in all of us as we focus on a spirit of giving and helping those in need. This focus on giving is something Evergreen Home Loans™ empowers its associates to think about throughout the year through our Evergreen Cares program.

A great example of this dedication is the Yakima branch team’s work to help stray animals in need. The branch was recently profiled by KIMA-TV for its partnership with the Yakima Humane Society to gather donations of food and supplies to help the shelter this winter.

The winter time is hard for shelters like the Yakima Humane Society because they often don’t have enough resources to help all the animals in need, and they don’t want to leave animals out in the cold. The Yakima branch of Evergreen partnered with the Yakima Humane Society to tackle this program by offering 200 $5 gift cards to local coffee shops for any individual that donating food or pet supplies.

As Evergreen Branch Manager Linda Orozco told KIMA-TV, “We want to make sure that as these winter months come along, and snow starts to happen that all these animals are taken care of and feel protected.”

The Evergreen family is so proud of the Yakima team and this campaign.

If you’re around the Yakima-area, you can still drop off donations at the Yakima branch office (3999 Englewood Ave., Suite 202, Yakima).

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