Evergreen Home Loans Announces Five Star Professional Recipients


Pictured Left to Right – Frank Ellerbroek NMLS-128726; Damian Floreno NMLS-81635; Kevin Hancock NMLS-108328; Amber Page NMLS-229184; Kareen Young NMLS-218290; Ginny Lee NMLS-211165; Val Hawryluk 42365; Mike Hancock NMLS 108299; Scott Huntington NMLS 71787 Not Pictured – Anne-g Litwak NMLS-239041; Tara Rose NMLS-216446; Susan Langendorfer NMLS-136906; Windy Montero NMLS-211013; Kimberly Terry NMLS-205713; Cathy Pizzini NMLS-205704; Corey Hjalseth NMLS-113098; Mark Williams NMLS-205465; Donald Zender NMLS-9023; Kathryn Seymour NMLS-204330

Evergreen is pleased to announce that Five Star Professional has named nineteen (19) Evergreen Home Loan associates as recipients of the Five Star Professional award. Five Star Professional conducts market‐specific research throughout the U.S. and Canada to identify service professionals who provide quality services to their clients. Now entering its seventh year, the Five Star Mortgage Professional program is the largest and most widely published mortgage professional award program in North America, covering more than 40 major markets.

“I’m honored to have so many Five Star recipients working for Evergreen Home Loans,” said President Don Burton. “We have a unique culture at Evergreen and we attract associates who are passionate about creating a customer service experience that goes beyond the transaction. By going the extra mile, we can often do what other lenders can’t. Our associates are dedicated to finding ways to make it work for our customers. I’m very proud to have these associates on our team.”

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