Don and Hilda Burton Host an Orcas Island Picnic for the Evergreen Family of Associates

Evergreen associates enjoying the Orcas Island company picnic.

Evergreen associates enjoying the Orcas Island company picnic.

The day was rich with activity and great food as Evergreen associates and their families took the Orcas Island Ferry to picnic with hosts Don Burton, President of Evergreen and his wife Hilda on Saturday, August 3rd. All associates received an invitation to attend and some came from as far away as Bend, Oregon, Las Vegas, Nevada and Yuba City, California.

It was an opportunity for associates to enjoy an island ferry ride, soak in some sun, eat fabulous food, and listen to acoustical guitar. “This is such a welcoming place to work,” said Vancouver Branch Manager Leslie Girard. “It’s truly wonderful that the president of our company invites all the employees at Evergreen and recognizes the work we all do. We feel so valued here,” she added.

“I loved taking the ferry to the island,” said Corporate Trainer Nalani Dias. “The views and scenery were spectacular and it was such a great way to spend a Saturday – it felt like a mini vacation,” she noted. The Evergreen picnic offered employees the chance to meet new faces while exploring some of the exquisite pockets of the island. Many had not explored this part of Washington State and it provided the perfect venue for an employee outing.

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