Money-Saving Home Remodel Tips

Budget Saving PictureMaking your dream home remodels a reality can be a fun and exciting project. Unfortunately, it can also be expensive. Here are three tips for helping you save money on your own home remodel.

The first tip to save money on your remodel is to make a budget ahead of time and keep track of all your expenses. Making a budget ahead of time allows you to plan and allocate money smartly to the areas in need. Skipping this step can quickly lead to a bloated budget and a remodel that costs much more than originally intended. Remember to save a little on the side as well in case of any unforeseen complications.

Now that you have a budget for your project, our next tip is to plan everything else you can ahead of time. Going in blind to a project without a set plan can lead to any number of unwanted consequences. Plans should include the scheduling of the project. Try avoiding times when schedules tend to be the busiest, like summer or holidays. If possible, look for supplies in the off season where they are typically the cheapest. Bargain hunting can not only save my big dollars, but can also help give you ideas as well.

The last tip is limited to your skill level, but do some of the smaller tasks yourself instead of hiring out. Smaller tasks like demolition and prep (taking out cabinets or pulling up carpeting), to finishing steps (like painting or staining), are easy to do and can save you money in the end.

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