Bring the outdoors into your home this winter

200197119-002Winter is here and spending quality time outside can get difficult, especially if you live where it’s bitter cold or wet. Here are four ways to bring the outdoors into your home to help keep the winter blues at bay:

1. Decorate with food. We typically think of decorating with flowers to bring nature inside, but there are other fun ways to brighten up your dining table. Put lemons, limes or oranges in a wooden bowl to make a statement – and bring in a touch of summer weather.
2. Bring in objects from nature. When you do brave the winter weather- or if you are on vacation somewhere warm – keep an eye out for rocks, branches, pine cones, seashells or other natural objects that catch your eye. Collect enough rocks or seashells and fill a glass jar to display them on a bookshelf. Or gather unique branches and put them in a vase on your fireplace mantle.
3. Add natural textures to your décor. Look for household items made of linen, flax, hemp or wicker to sprinkle throughout your home. Pillows and baskets are simple, low-cost additions that can be found at most department stores.
4. Let in the light. Be sure to maximize the amount of light that enters your home by opening curtains, or replacing heavy, dark curtains with sheer ones. Natural light is the best way to improve your mood, especially in the dark days of winter when it’s more difficult to come by.

By making these small improvements, your home environment is sure to keep you energized until those first blossoms of spring arrive.

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