Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday Home Shopping

According to a recent article in, even though the weather outside may be frightful, home shopping could turn out delightful. Although most home purchases take place in the warmer months of spring and summer, you may have heard rumors that a buyer’s market prevails in winter. How is this possible when most home sellers wait to list their homes during the warmer home buying seasons? For one, not everyone has a choice. Various reasons such as a job relocation could provide just enough home inventory for a home buyer to have an advantage.

Even though there may be a smaller selection of homes on the market, there are also fewer people looking for homes. This could save the home buyer hours and hours of time spent at open houses. Plus, winter home sellers may be facing tight deadlines working in the homebuyer’s favor. Other benefits to consider are that real estate agents have more time to work with you as opposed to the busy season when they’re juggling multiple clients and moving companies may be offering discounts or specials during the winter.

Homes that are on the market in the spring and summer are showcased under the best circumstances. Gardens are blooming, the weather is welcoming and the house is filled with fresh air. When viewing a house in the winter, the trees may be bare and the heater running. This is a good time to make sure that there are no drafts or leaks and that you feel welcome and cozy in the house.

Take advantage of the winter’s buyer’s market because those bare trees and snow covered yard will be blooming in no time.


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