8 Tips for New Homeowners

You’ve moved in and you’re ready to make this new home your own. Before you jump into improvement projects or just simply relax in your new space, make sure you tackle these eight things you should know:


  • Change the locks. – Play it safe and change the locks on all exterior doors. You don’t know who might have a spare key to the old ones.
  • Find the essentials. – Locate your breaker box and main water valve BEFORE you have an emergency and you find yourself searching in the dark or after a leak starts.
  • Add maintenance to-dos. – Update your calendar with regular tasks like changing the batteries in your smoke alarm, cleaning the gutters and inspecting your roof.
  • Find a pro. – If you can’t tackle a project, who are you going to call? Find a qualified professional through neighbors, friends and co-workers that can help as projects arise.
  • Press pause on remodeling. – As tempting as it is to jump right in to a renovation, spend time in your home first so you can see what really works and what you want to change.
  • Reap your tax benefits. – You may qualify for certain tax breaks from interest deductions to home improvement credits. Talk to a tax advisor and serf the IRS website to see what applies to you.
  • Save for maintenance. – We all know it’s “if, not when” something will break in your home. Make sure you set aside funds for ongoing maintenance and repairs.
  • Understand your mortgage insurance requirements. – These vary by loan type and mainly apply to those that put less than 20 percent down when they purchased. But, make sure you ask your home loans lender for the specifics in your loan.

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